Neuter Your Dogs

Neutering in dogs will basically involve the removal of parts or whole sexual organs. For male dogs, it’s called castration and spaying in females. Both sexes benefit largely from this practice but castration is ideally more beneficial.

But what are the benefits of subjecting these canines into such a process?

Emergency Care for Your Dog

Accidents sometimes just can’t be avoided. You may find you dog in a situation that you can’t handle. Imagine it’s the middle of the night and your dog starts choking.

Emergency care for dogs is not something that most people take seriously. However, you should be prepared in case anything happens. There are some things that you may do for your dog as first aid. For instance;

• Removing the blockage when your dog starts choking. You can do this using your fingers.

Picking the best Toy

Dogs are known to chew and play as part of their natural behavior. While some dogs are known to chew and play more than others, it is important to invest in quality dog toys. There are different types of toys to choose from in the market and for this reason, making a decision on what to settle with can prove to be an uphill task. You might end up gathering numerous toys that are of little or no use to your dogs. You need to take into consideration the interests of your dog as well as its chewing and playing preference before you make this kind of investment.

Dental care for Dogs

Unlike humans, dogs are not prone to a large number of dental problems and while this is the case, they are still susceptible to gingivitis, tartar and build up of plaque. As a dog owner, you not only have to fret yellow teeth and bad breath in your dog. As with humans, when these canines have dental problems that are not addressed, it can lead to infections that are life threatening and infections such as liver, kidney and heart diseases. For the purpose of ensuring that your dogs enjoy good dental health, there are a couple of things you need to consider.

Home Remedies for Dogs

Dealing with dog diarrhea can prove to be a difficult task if you don’t know the best remedies to use. Majority of pet owners panic when they note a case of diarrhea in their dogs but this should not be the case. If the problem is not addressed immediately, it can be cause for constant worry and headache. In order to ensure you are well prepared for any eventuality, you should take into consideration the following home remedies which have been tried and tested.

Useful Facts about Canines

Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries, but much of what people know about these animals is mostly untrue. Many of these false facts are directly responsible for misunderstandings that dog owners and their dogs face everyday. For you to understand how to relate to them, you need to know a few interesting facts;

What you need to know...

Over the years, many people have tried, and failed trying to teach their dogs how to tell time. It is important to note that dogs have no sense of time. Regardless of how hard you try, you can’t teach your dog to tell time.

How to Take Care of Old Dogs

Just like human beings, dogs get old. When dogs are old, they need more care than when they are young. Taking care of old dogs has always been challenging for some people. However, this should not be the case. Current advancement in veterinary sector makes it possible for one to take care of their old dogs with ease. Basically, there are many ways that you can use to ensure that your dog is living comfortably and happily. You can tell that your dog is aging by considering its behavior.

Feeding your giant puppy

As an owner of a giant breed puppy I am sure you are aware of how they seem to be another species of animal as they eat like a horse, will come to take up a whole bed and weigh as much as a human. However they are also very docile, loving and very cute and no one can forget the Saint Bernard dog who stole all of our hearts in the Beethoven films.

Your puppy is obviously very important to you and a furry family member however they rely solely on you to provide for all of their needs. Food is essential for life and the nutritional composition of the food is also very important.

Playing with your Dog

Playing with your dog is not only a fun thing to do; it’s also a very important part of building your relationship with him or her. Doing fun things with your dog can help you to learn to better communicate with each other and help to teach your dog good manners. It also provides a way for your dog to burn some energy that is essential to their well-being. It provides exercise, prevents boredom and in turn will help with training. All dogs need to be able to play as a part of their daily routine.

2 games you can play:

Your Puppies Diet

Getting a puppy is incredibly exciting, because it’s your chance to bond with an animal and give it the best life possible right from the start. You can train it, make it understand you, and you have an immediate effect on its behaviour and sense of discipline.